Education in the age of technology

According to  Debevec, K, Shih M, and Kashyap, V (2006) “the World Wide Web has created an information-rich teaching and learning environment that facilitates social interaction and exchange among students and instructors.” These interaction are breaking the walls of the classroom and have created a platform for sharing and interactive learning. Technology is to allow educators and students to create content, share and collaborate for an education that can be cost efficient and scalable to the masses.

Moreover, there seems to be no debate that E-learning has made education accessible for the masses, over the years MOOCs (massive open online courses) have gain popular acknowledgment for allowing the masses to access quality training, training that would otherwise be limited to a few privileged students. Platforms such as edX and Coursera have offered millions of courses for free to individuals around the world. Universities such as Johns Hopkins University, Harvard University, and  University of London have embraced MOOCs and are now offering affordable or free access to their programs online, with little added overhead to their cost. This can lead us to the believe that technology advances may bring a unique balance between effectiveness and efficiency that could not be accomplished otherwise.

E-learning seems to be the balancing element to bring efficiency and effectiveness to teaching and learning.  With an ever changing world, the adoption of technology in education would allow teaching to be personalized, scalable, and replicable for the masses, thus bringing the right balance of effectiveness with efficiency. Furthermore, there is also need for further research and analysis on the right variables to standardize the understanding of efficiency and effectiveness across the educational industry. On the other hand, the fast adoption of technology, trial and error, may quickly decipher a perfect combination for each market.  


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